Read the testimonials below of our current Economics and Business Economics students BhavyaHugo, honours student Albert, and Luiss-student Jacqueline. Or watch the video testimonial of student Glyeb. You can also read the testimonial of alumnus Ceren.

Student Glyeb on the international classroom

In this video Glyeb talks about his experiences studying Economics and Business Economics. He also talks about what it is like to be in an international classroom and to be surrounded by students from all over the world.

Student Bhavya on the study programme

Student Bhavya

As someone who had never studied Economics before, U.S.E has been incredibly systematic in teaching the basics but also levelling up the course over time. Unlike other social science courses where extensive reading is involved, the course has an amazing split of quantitative and qualitative courses which makes us well rounded with balanced learning! Most importantly, the course allows you to customize your path for the second half of the programme by picking your choice of electives. 

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U.S.E has made sure that the tutorial is interactive and stimulating which allows you to learn in an engaging manner. This combination is hardly found in other programmes! Furthermore, my interdisciplinary minor “Applied Data Science for Economists” has given me several insights into the programming world and adds a practical side to my education. Lastly, U.S.E. is extremely international and inclusive which helps me broaden my perspective on the real world! 

Student Albert on the honours programme

Student Albert

Participating in the honours programme of Economics and Business Economics was one of the most transformative experiences of my academic career. The programme challenged me to push beyond my limits both academically and personally. The cohort of motivated and intended students provided a rich and diverse learning environment. Here, I expanded my horizons and gained new perspectives from individuals with different cultural backgrounds.

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The honours components and courses were intellectually stimulating, exposing me to a wide range of theoretical knowledge and equipping me with a strong foundation for my future endeavours. The expertise of faculty members brought the theory to life through real-world applications, fuelling my passion for learning and providing me with the necessary tools to grow and further succeed (special mention to the course One Health).

Further in, the honours programme offered a wealth of extracurricular activities that allowed me to further develop my skills and interests outside the classroom. From networking events to workshops and seminars, I had the opportunity to engage with professionals, peers, and faculty members, and expand my knowledge beyond what was taught in the lecture hall. These experiences helped me to become a well-rounded individual and equipped me with the necessary perspectives and skills to succeed in many diverse and changing environments.

I recommend this programme to those who always seek to go the extra mile. The effort, learning, and friendships gained from this programme make the experience truly valuable. Graduating, for me, is a testament to the hard work and dedication required to succeed. 

Student Jacqueline on the Luiss programme

Student Jacqueline

One of the reasons I started studying Economics and Business Economics (EBE) at Utrecht University was the Luiss programme. In the Luiss programme, in your second year of study you go on exchange to the beautiful Luiss University in Rome for a year together with about 20 other EBE bachelor students. Here you will mainly take business courses and in the last semester you will have some space to choose your own courses. Because you go with fellow students, you know many people even before you go and make friends quickly.

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I chose the Luiss programme instead of a normal exchange because this programme is two semesters long instead of just one semester. This gives you more time to explore the city (Rome) and make it your new home. When I returned from my exchange, I had lived in Rome longer than I had lived in Utrecht. Therefore, Rome will always feel like my second home. Besides the nice weather, food and beautiful city, the university itself may also be named. It is a private university with wonderful facilities. For example, I had many study sessions in their beautiful gardens.

During my year in Rome, I learned to be spontaneous and social. You come into contact with a lot of other foreign students. As a result, I now have friends scattered all over the world!

Alumnus Ceren is the founder of Wearebasics and now working on starting another company with Antler

Alumnus Ceren Danis

I graduated from the Economics and Business Economics Bachelor study back in 2015 and I still remember those days very fondly. I think the best part about the programme was the flexibility it provided in terms of electives and being able to structure it according to my passion and interests. I ended up taking the financial trajectory focusing on investment and finance related courses which helped me not only during my master’s, but also during my career throughout.

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I started at ABN AMRO as a Global Markets trainee right after finishing my master’s and then continued my career as an entrepreneur by starting my own company. After being an entrepreneur and moving into tech, I was still able to utilise the knowledge from my studies in fields like FinTech and beyond. In the end, every company deals with payments and finances, and if you are a little creative you will be able to find intersections everywhere.

Even though I have now completely changed my career path from the finance industry to the tech industry, I continue to believe the critical thinking and the analytical skillset provided by U.S.E. is still extremely valuable today to help me steer my business and career decisions.