Double degree

Do you like to be challenged and do you want to develop your academic skills and knowledge even more broadly? Choose a double bachelor!  

Two bachelors in three years

With a double bachelor's degree, you obtain two degrees in three years. Utrecht University offers five double bachelor programs, which are taught in Dutch. If that is a challenge you want to take on, you can look at the Dutch page about double degrees.  

Combining two bachelor’s degrees

However, there is still an option to combine two English taught degrees. It is advised to first start one programme. During the year you will notice if you pass your courses easily and if you have enough time left to follow more courses. If you feel like adding a degree to your study programme, you can contact your study advisor.  

Still want an extra challenge?

Are you still hungry for knowledge, do you have a critical attitude and are you up to an extra challenge? The honours programme could be right up your alley.