Extracurricular opportunities

CPS courses are at honours level. Their content and educational approach are designed for motivated students who like working together on projects that stimulate their curiosity and creativity. Do you like to go more deeply into subjects at school, to participate in activities outside school (for example voluntary work or for a club) or to use your knowledge and skills to ‘improve the world’? Then you might be an honours student!

    I have been able to acquire multiple soft skills and I was able to work together with students from many different fields you wouldn’t normally work with.

    Besides the curriculum, CPS students from their second study year onwards may take part in the extracurricular honours programme (EHP) together with students from the other honours programmes of the faculty of Science. This way, you get the opportunity to collaborate with other students on challenging and complex projects both inside and outside the pharmaceutical sciences.

    Spread over two years (year 2 and 3), you obtain 15 extra credits with projects inside:

    Earlier participation as a high school student in the U-Talent Academy program is an advantage.