Comparable programmes

It is of course entirely possible that you might not be sure yet whether this programme suits you. Maybe you don’t want to focus exclusively on Celtic Languages and Culture, but do you also take an interest in other BA’s. To help you, we have made an overview of similar programmes.

Comparable UU programmes

Evaluation scores 2022

Each year, students of this programme are asked their opinions of the programme. In the National Student Survey 2022, the Celtic Languages and Culture programme at Utrecht University was evaluated by 16 respondents. They rated the study programme an average score of 4.4 on a 5-point scale. The national average corresponds precisely to the UU average, since there is only one Celtic Languages and Culture degree programme in the Netherlands.



Overall assessment




Teachers and lecturers


General atmosphere


Study facilities


Celtic Languages and Culture in Figures

See Celtic Languages and Culture in figures for an overview of this study programme's figures. 

Picture: Tim Vermeire