31 January 2020 from 12:00 to 17:00

Inspired by nature for future innovations

Utrecht Plant Science & Industry Symposium 3

Plant research at the Institute of Environmental Biology (IEB) in Utrecht is focused on how plants protect themselves against biotic (pathogens and insects) and abiotic stresses (e.g. light, heat, or submergence). The fundamental research of the IEB offers many opportunities for application in the plant industry. The IEB plant research groups therefore cordially invite you to the second Utrecht Plant Science and Industry Symposium.

During the symposium we would like to present an overview of our main research topics and some recent in-depth examples of our world class science. To discuss possibilities for translation of our fundamental research to application and to hear about the current challenges and problems in the plant industry, we aim to facilitate one-on-one discussions during our networking and poster session. This session will not only provide you with an excellent opportunity to meet with IEB researchers, but also young scientists and, of course, your industry colleagues.

We hope to welcome you in Utrecht on the 31th of January 2020!


12.00h   Registration and Lunch

12.45h   Welcome and Introduction
13.00h   Presentation of the IEB Research Themes I:
                       -  Plant architecture 
                       -  Plant microbiomes
14.00     Poster session
15.00     Presentation of the IEB Research Themes II:
                       -  Environmental stress 
                       -  Plant resistance 
16.00 Networking session    


Start date and time
31 January 2020 12:00
End date and time
31 January 2020 17:00
Entrance fee