The workshop will start in the morning of Thursday June 4 (9am) and will end around 4pm on Friday June 5. Around forty papers will be presented in two parallel sessions. In the plenary sessions keynotes will be delivered by Juliet Schor and Susan Shaheen.

You can download the programme here.

Programme Thursday June 4

Registration & Coffee/Tea



Opening by Koen Frenken

Launch International Research Tool: Pieter van de Glind (ShareNL)

Keynote: Juliet Schor: The sharing economy: hyper-capitalism or a sustainable alternative?

Chair: Bernhard Truffer



10:30-12:10 SESSION 1

Parallel session 1a Kroonzaal

Sharing motivations 1 Chair: Koen Frenken

The sharing economy in Germany consumer motives for participating in collaborative consumption schemes – Fanny Schiel (Twente University/TU Berlin)

Neighborhood cohesion and generalized exchange in the sharing economy – Rense Corten, Beate Völker, Gerald Mollenhorst (Utrecht University)

Who shares what? The Influence of personality characteristics and socio-demographic factors on willingness to participate in different forms of the sharing economy – Toon Meelen (Utrecht University), Lars Böcker (Oslo University), Pieter van de Glind (ShareNL), Koen Frenken (Utrecht University), Mendel Giezen (Utrecht University)

How to succeed in the circular economy. Promises and associated hurdles – Oliver Löschner (Brunel University)

10:30-12:10 SESSION 1

Parallel session 1b Poortzaal

Sharing Cities Chair: Wouter Boon

Institutionalisation of Sharing in Cities – Patrycja Długosz, Oksana Mont, Yuliya Voytenko (Lund University)

Urban planning for sharing practices. How local authorities may encourage ecological citizenship – Karin Bradley, Anna Hult (KTH Stockholm)

Lancaster as a sharing city: an interdisciplinary exploration and thought experiment - Serena Pollastri, Rachel Cooper, Chris Boyko, Stephen Clune, Claire Coulton, Nick Dunn (Lancaster University)

Uber and Airbnb as institutional entrepreneurs in the sharing economy: the case of Amsterdam – Peter Pelzer (Utrecht University)



13:00-14:40 SESSION 2

Parallel session 2a Kroonzaal

Critical reflections Chair: Juliet Schor

The rising of on demand work, a case study research on a set of online platforms and apps – Antonio Aloisi (Bocconi University)

From community-minded to profit-oriented? Critical geographies of the sharing economy – Filippo Celata (University of Rome La Sapienza), Ramon Ribera Fumaz (Universitat Obierta de Catalunya), Cary Yungmee Hendrisckon (University of Rome La Sapienza), Venere Stefania Sanne (University of Rome La Sapienza)

Sharing: Crime against capitalism? – Matthew David (Durham University)

Microentrepreneur or precariat? Exploring the sharing economy through the experiences of workers for Airbnb, Taskrabbit, Uber and Kitchensurfing – Alexandrea Ravenelle (The Graduate Center, CUNY/Excelsior College)

13:00-14:40 SESSION 2

Parallel session 2b Poortzaal

Governance and Institutions Chair: Toon Meelen

Drafting legal templates for a successful sharing economy – Rosalie Koolhoven (Groningen University)

Sharing platforms, market distortions, transaction costs and rent-seeking: a case of existing tourism industry - Kaja Koblar, Mitja Kovac (University of Ljubljana)

Links between Elinor Ostrom’s analysis of economic governance and sharing economy initiatives – Ingrid Molderez, Nelle Bosman, Issam Zaim (Leuven University)

Sharing in the new economy – Maurie Cohen (New Jersey Insitute of Technology)



15:00-16:40 SESSION 3

Parallel session 3a Kroonzaal 

Theoretical perspectives 1 Chair: Bernhard Truffer

Valuation in the Sharing Economy – Gernot Grabher, Jonas König (HafenCity University Hamburg)

User innovation in the sharing economy – Wouter Boon (Utrecht University)

What constitutes the power of collaborative economy? – Julia Dreher (Sorbonne University Paris)

Fifty shades of sharing – Elena Denaro (London School of Economics)

15:00-16:40 SESSION 3

Parallel session 3b Poortzaal

New sectors Chair: Toon Meelen

More free lunches: A platform for urban innovation – Vareska van de Vrande (Erasmus School of Management), Niki Hynes (Curtin Business School Perth)

Collaborative consumption in the sphere of tourism and recreation in families caring for children with disabilities – Teresa Skalska (University of Warsaw)

Collaborative fashion consumption: A growing sector of sharing economy – Samira Iran (TU Berlin)

“Carried away by the crowd”: what types of logistics characterise collaborative consumption? – Valentina Carbone (ECSP Europe),  Aurélien Rouquet (Neoma Business School), Christine Roussat (Université Blaise Pascal)



17:00-18:40 SESSION 4

Parallel session 4a Kroonzaal 

Theoretical perspectives 2 Chair: Koen Frenken

To share or not to share? – Maryam Razeghian, Thomas Weber (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne)

The sharing economy: Lessons from science – Rogier de Langhe (Ghent University)

The Janus Face of the sharing economy – Michel Avital (Copenhagen Business School)

The economics of collaborative consumption –Karolina Safarzyńska (Warsaw University), Sigrid Stagl (WU Vienna University of Economics and Business)

17:00-18:40 SESSION 4

Parallel session 4b Poortzaal

Business Models and Upscaling Chair: Matthijs Janssen

Growth, reputation and information diffusion in the profit-based sharing economy – Adrien Querbes (Carnegie Mellon University)

Upscaling in the sharing economy: insights from the UK – Vadim Grinevich (University of Southampton), Franz Huber (University Seeburg Castle)

Failing to Scale and Scaling to Fail: How Social Entrepreneurs Exploit- Impure Non-profits in Order to Attain Economies of Scale – Andrew Isaak (University of Mannheim)

Real or virtual? Industrial policy in the sharing economy - Örn D. Jónsson and Rögnvaldur J. Saemundsson (University of Iceland)


Free time


Conference dinner

Programme Friday June 5

Registration & Coffee/Tea

9:00-10:00 PLENARY


Keynote Susan Shaheen: Mobility and the sharing economy: Past, present & future

ChairKoen Frenken



10:20-12:00 SESSION 5

Parallel session 5a Kroonzaal

Sustainability Transitions Chair: Rob Raven

The sharing economy and other ‘new economies’: A transformative social innovation perspective – Flor Avelino et al. (DRIFT, Erasmus University Rotterdam)

The role of values in grassroots social innovation: insight from the sharing economy – Chris Martin (Open University), Paul Upham (University of Leeds)

Food sharing cities: Transforming eating in the Anthropocene? – Anna Davies (Trinity College Dublin)

Citizen initiatives, sustainable innovations and the rise of the sharing economy: Conceptualizations, governance and cases in energy, product repair and urban agriculture - Udo Pesch, Jaco Quist, Wouter Spekking (all TU Delft)

10:20-12:00 SESSION 5

Parallel session 5b Poortzaal

Mobility Chair: Susan Shaheen

Towards a prospective transition framework. A co-evolutionary model of socio-technical transitions and an application to car sharing in The Netherlands – Koen Frenken (Utrecht University)

Car sharing in the Netherlands: Significance, environmental effects and the future – Ageeth Ettema, Matthijs de Gier (TNS NIPO)

Peer-to-peer car sharing in the Netherlands: User experiences and mobility effects – Peter Jorritsma, Lucas Harms, Jaco Berveling (KIM Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy Analysis)

The influence of spatial context, socio-demographic factors and local policy on the geographical diffusion of car-sharing – Toon Meelen, Stephan Hobrink, Koen Frenken (all Utrecht University) 



13:00-14:20 SESSION 6

Parallel session 6a Kroonzaal

Sharing motivations 2 Chair: Toon Meelen

The role of money and reputation in the sharing economy – Airi Lampinen, Moira McGregor, Barry Brown (Stockholm University)

Sharing practices in the making: how an informal system of disposing and gleaning nurtures the sharing economy – Valerie Guillard (University of Paris-Dauphine), Dominique Roux (University of Paris Sud)

Time swaps between collaborative consumers: analysis of the nature of interpersonal relationships through social exchange theory – Dominique Roux (University of Paris Sud), Valerie Guillard (University of Paris-Dauphine)

13:00-14:20 SESSION 6

Parallel session 6b Poortzaal

Environmental impacts Chair: Wouter Boon

Sharing cities and sustainable consumption and production. Towards an integrated framework – Boyd Cohen (Universidad del Desarolla), Pablo Munoz (Leeds University with a joint app at Universidad del Desarrollo Chile)

The Environmental Impacts of Shared-Use Mobility: Insights from the United States – Susan Shaheen (Berkeley University)

Is the sharing economy good for the environment? A conceptual life cycle and systems thinking analysis of collaborative consumption models – Nuno Videira, Paula Antunes, Rui Santos (New University of Lisbon)

14:20- 15:30 CLOSING PLENARY


Panel discussion:

Koen Frenken
Gernot Grabher
Susan Shaheen
Juliet Schor

Bernhard Truffer

Peter Pelzer