Watch the video: AKWAGLOT - Creating tomorrow together

The platform is a unique artwork in theĀ Catharijnesingel, risen to celebrate 385 years of science in Utrecht. The platform is place for meeting and dialogue. A place to learn together, enjoy a performance and shape the city of tomorrow.

As many have probably heard, Akwaglot is moving on. In the first quarter of 2022, Akwaglot will be removed from the Singel and transported to a new location. In the coming period, Akwaglot will be part of the celebration of 900 years of water management by Hoogheemraadschap Stichtse Rijnlanden (HDSR). Currently we are in deliberation with the municipality of Utrecht, a contractor and HDSR about the planning for the coming period. We will keep you informed!

The platform symbolises a university without walls - open to the whole community.

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