Webinar Day (26 October 2019)

During this webinar, Economics lecturer, tutor and international recruitment officer Kim Zwitserloot and Bachelor’s student Balthasar Willich provided you with detailed information about our Liberal Arts and Sciences Bachelor's programme and shared their personal experiences with you.

What we covered

  • Insights into our Liberal Arts and Sciences programme and curriculum planning 
  • Information about campus life, our international community and living in Utrecht
  • Introduction to our special programmes, internship opportunities and career prospects after graduation 
  • Everything you need to know about our entry requirements and admissions procedure

Watch the Webinar

About the hosts

Kim Zwitserloot works at University College Utrecht as a lecturer in economics, tutor (academic advisor) and international recruitment officer. In Utrecht you can regularly find her at the concert venue Tivoli and in any pub that offers a pubquiz.

Balthasar Willich is a second-year student at University College Utrecht majoring in Political Science and Anthropology. Born in in Bremen, Germany, he went to secondary school in Canada and did voluntary military service before moving to Utrecht. He enjoys jogging in the forest along the Krommerijn river near the International Campus.