Career Prospects

A bike leaving the UCU campus.

The vast majority of University College Utrecht graduates enroll in Master’s programmes, in virtually all fields of specialisation. As a result, they find jobs with a large range of employers in a large range of fields. Graduates work as doctors, lawyers, psychologists, policy advisors, consultants, politicians, PhD researchers, marketeers, and in many other professions. 

There is one thing all graduates have in common. At University College Utrecht, you learn skills that are valuable not only for your education, but also for your professional career, such as giving presentations, critically analysing an argument, and debating. And because you take courses in different academic disciplines, you develop the creativity and flexibility to bridge differences and think ‘outside the box’. These characteristics are highly valued in the labour market.

Not all graduates pursue a Master’s degree. Some enroll in a second Bachelor’s programme, take up an internship, or apply for a traineeship or job.