Application procedure

University College Utrecht's application procedure differs in many ways from most bachelor programmes. You can find complete information about admission to University College Utrecht – including entrance requirements, application procedure, deadlines, fees and visa information – on our website.

Starting in Fall or Spring

You can start studying at University College Utrecht in the Fall semester (starting beginning September) or in the Spring semester (starting end of January). The application deadline you need to heed depends on the semester in which you intend to start.

You can find our application deadlines on the University College Utrecht website.

Motivation letter and interview

Our admissions process is lengthy, and our application deadlines are earlier than most bachelor programmes. You can apply online. Your application generally consists of a completed application form, a letter in which you motivate your application, and one or more recommendation letters.

Once we receive your application it will be reviewed, and you may or may not be invited for an interview. The interview serves to get to know you better, to address any questions your application might have raised, and to make sure that University College Utrecht is the right place for you. After the interview you may or may not receive an invitation to enroll at University College Utrecht.

You can find more information about the application procedure and the application form on the University College Utrecht website.