Student Ambassadors

Every year a group of students is chosen to represent University College Utrecht. These Student Ambassadors help out with activities like campus tours, online presentations and the organisation of the Open Days. They are also available for a chat with prospective new students and their families.

Get in touch with our Student Ambassadors

Below you can find a few of our Ambassadors, together with their nationality and majors. This way you can choose to connect with someone from your country and/or someone with similar academic interests. If you would like to get in touch with one of them just send an email to or click the black button below and we will set up a (video) call for you. Don't forget to mention the ambassador’s name in your email.


Tasha - Student Ambassador Coordinator

Nationality: Malaysian
Majors: Politics in law with a minor in China Studies



Nationality: German
Major: Psychology & Politics



Nationality: Dutch
Majors: Economics & Psychology



Nationality: Spanish
Majors: Psychology & Anthropology


Nationality: Dutch
Majors: Economics & Political Science with a minor in Philosophy/Religious Studies


Nationality: Dutch
Majors: Law & Economics



Nationality: Turkish
Majors: Economics & Psychology with a minor in Entrepreneurship


Nationality: Dutch
Majors: Political Science, History, Law and China Studies