Why Utrecht University

PPE plus History

The PPE Bachelor at Utrecht University is the only PPE programme in the world with a curriculum that includes history. We believe studying the past is vital to understanding the present. After all, to truly grasp society’s current problems, it is necessary to research how and why these problems have emerged in the first place.

Strong focus on interdisciplinarity

In most other PPE programmes, students study philosophy, politics and economics separately. In Utrecht, by contrast, you’ll not only gain knowledge of these three disciplines and history, but also learn how they complement each other and can be integrated to analyse global challenges. From the very first year, you’ll be trained to use and integrate knowledge from all four fields of study.

Smallest-scaled PPE programme in the Netherlands

Whereas other PPE programmes in the Netherlands enrol 180 to 200 students a year, our programme admits a maximum of 75 students. This makes us the smallest-scaled PPE degree programme in the Netherlands, fostering a sense of community that we value highly.

One community, one location

Our PPE programme has a strong sense of community. As a student, you’ll have frequent contact with your supervisor and work together with fellow students on challenging projects and cases. All PPE classrooms and study facilities are concentrated in one building at the International Campus Utrecht, which is the heart and the home of the PPE community of students and their teachers.


Solving the world’s most complex challenges calls for an approach that combines a range of perspectives. That’s why we train you to examine societal dilemmas through four lenses – philosophy, politics, economics and history. But our programme recognises that there is another lens that’s invaluable: yours. With yearly cohorts of 75 students from diverse backgrounds, we help you expand your horizon to the fullest extent.

Students as co-pioneers

Utrecht University is dedicated to offering a top-quality PPE programme, with intensive education provided by highly qualified lecturers and scientists. We also encourage students to help us build the best possible PPE curriculum, and we’re always interested in hearing your ideas. In Utrecht, you can actively contribute to designing your curriculum as a co-pioneer.


At Utrecht University, we have an extensive network of societal partners that includes representatives from political parties, ministries, banks, multinationals, leading international institutions and newspapers. We collaborate with these partners to create opportunities for internships and to develop our programme. In Utrecht, you’ll connect not only with your lecturers and fellow students, but also with the world beyond the university and your future field of work.

Academic excellence

Studying at Utrecht University means studying at one of the world's best universities. The Shanghai Ranking ranks Utrecht University as 1st in the Netherlands, 17th in Europe and 56th in the world. The Best Global Universities Ranking ranks Utrecht University as 1st in the Netherlands and 15th in Europe. The Times Higher Education Ranking places the university in the top 100, and the university has been ranked 34th worldwide and 1st in the Netherlands by the Taiwan ranking published by the Higher Education Evaluation & Accreditation Council. Read more about academic excellence at Utrecht University.

A vibrant student city!

Studying at Utrecht University means studying in a vibrant city brimming with character. Utrecht is a true student city and offers a wide and varied range of sports, cultural and leisure activities. Read more about new student orientation during the ‘Utrecht Introduction Time’ (UIT), finding housingstudent organisationssports and culture and health and safety in Utrecht.

Domkerk, Utrecht