Watch our webinar!

On  Saturday 17 February we organized a live webinar about Global Sustainability Science. During this session, Assistant Professor Karin Rebel and a Bachelor’s student provided you with detailed information about the Bachelor's programme and shared their personal experiences on the programme with you.

What we covered

-  Insights into the programme, study scheme and research areas;
-  Student stories about the programme and life as a student in Utrecht;
-  Career prospects and how we prepare you for the job market;
-  Admission requirements and deadlines.

About the host

Dr. Karin Rebel

As Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences at Utrecht University I teach and conduct research focused on sustainability challenges. When I teach, I try to help my students to analyse, quantify and seek solutions to the major challenges of this era. Amongst other methods, I do this by having them examine sustainability issues from a mathematical perspective. My research focuses on areas such as the interaction between water, the climate and ecosystems. My dream is for people to no longer see sustainability as a temporary fad and for sustainable living to become a natural part of our everyday lives, both at home and at work.