Webinar Global Sustainability Science

On Saturday 17 February we organized a live webinar about Global Sustainability Science. During this session, Assistant Professor Karin Rebel and a Bachelor’s student provided you with detailed information about the Bachelor's programme and shared their personal experiences on the programme with you. 

Note. Take into account that the application deadline for a start in September 2018 already passed. We start accepting applications again in October 2018 for a start in September 2019.

Watch the webinar:

What we covered

-  Insights into the programme, study scheme and research areas;
-  Student stories about the programme and life as a student in Utrecht;
-  Career prospects and how we prepare you for the job market;
-  Admission requirements and deadlines.

About the hosts

Dr. Karin Rebel

As Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences at Utrecht University I teach and conduct research focused on sustainability challenges. When I teach, I try to help my students to analyse, quantify and seek solutions to the major challenges of this era. Amongst other methods, I do this by having them examine sustainability issues from a mathematical perspective. My research focuses on areas such as the interaction between water, the climate and ecosystems. My dream is for people to no longer see sustainability as a temporary fad and for sustainable living to become a natural part of our everyday lives, both at home and at work.

Christoph Krüger

Christoph Krüger is a student of Global Sustainability Science and was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. After finishing high school he decided to study at Utrecht University because of the unique mix of social and natural sciences in the Global Sustainability Science Bachelor. The program offers a lot of opportunities to follow ones specific interests and strength, while giving a general overview of the sustainability problems we are facing currently. The commitment of the teaching staff and the distribution between lectures and tutorials have met his expectations and he is looking forward to continue to work towards a more sustainable world.