Selection for admission

Update 11 September. Last issued ranking number is 308.

Selection roadmap for the academic year 2020-2021

Stappenplan selectie Global Sustainability Science

Explanation selection roadmap

Phase 1: Registration

Starting 1 October 2019, you can submit an enrolment application via Studielink if you want to start in the 2020-2021 academic year. For the Global Sustainability Science Bachelor’s programme the enrolment deadline is 15 January 2020. Your enrolment application must reach us by this date. We however recommend you to apply well before the deadline of 15 January. The earlier you apply, the earlier you will receive the application form with questions about your motivation, and the earlier you can start studying for the selection day, which is already 8 February 2020. 

Within one week after your Studielink application, you will receive an email with login details for OSIRIS Online Application, where you complete the application form and upload the required documents. You will receive a separate email on 17 January at the latest with a request to fill in the profile test.

In order to participate in the selection procedure, you must ensure that the following documents reach us no later than 31 January 2020:

  • completed application form (incl. motivation letter)
  • curriculum vitae (cv)
  • completed profile test
  • the final grades of your second to last year at secondary school, as well as a certified grade list

Warning: the link to the application form will be sent to the e-mail address that you are registered with in Studielink. Be sure to keep an eye on this e-mail (and on your spam folder)!

Phase 2: Selection day

Within two weeks of submitting your application form, you will receive an email with details about the selection day. Please note that we will not send the email before 15 November 2019. This email will also give you access to the study material (approx. 80 pages) which you should have revised prior to taking the knowledge test on the selection day. This knowledge test includes questions about sustainability, mathematics/system analysis, etc. The working language on the selection day is English.

We suggest you start revising in time. The sooner you submit your application form, the earlier you will have access to the study material. 

If you are not in the Netherlands on 8 february 2020

If you are not a resident of the Netherlands on 8 February 2020, and therefore can’t be present on the selection day in Utrecht, you must take part in a digital selection procedure on the same day. If you are travelling or being abroad on 8 February 2020 you can participate in the digital selection procedure, but we strongly recommend you to participate in the selection procedure in Utrecht. The option to take part in the digital selection is available in the application form. Please take a look at the Terms and Conditions for Digital Selection (PDF).

Phase 3: Ranking and acceptance

On 15 April 2020 you will receive a message via Studielink informing you of your ranking number. If your ranking number is good enough for admission you will immediately receive a Certificate of Admission, also via Studielink.

Warning: You must accept the Certificate of Admission, via Studielink, within two weeks of receiving it. If you don’t do this, you will lose your place and will not be able to study in the Global Sustainability Science programme. Therefore, as of 15 April, keep a weekly eye on your e-mail (and your spam folder). Do this even if you’re on holiday!

If, after 15 April, people with a ranking number that earns them a place withdraw their application – for example, because they don’t obtain their secondary education certificate (vwo diploma) – then the ranking numbers shift accordingly. There is therefore a chance that you can earn a place if your ranking number is above 160. So, keep a weekly eye on your e-mail (and your spam folder) after 15 April also.

Reserved numbers

Numbers 1-15 will not be issued until 1 August, these numbers are reserved for appeals.

Issued ranking numbers on 15 April

If your ranking number is between 16 and 160 you will immediately receive a Certificate of Admission for Global Sustainability Science.

If your ranking number is higher than 160 you will be put on a waiting list. In the event students do not accept their place you may receive a Certificate of Admission. Numbers close to 160 have a reasonable chance of receiving a certificate. The higher your ranking number, the less chance there is of admission. After 1 August the remaining numbers 1-15 will be released as well.

If you are not offered a place

There is a possibility that you will not be selected for the Global Sustainability Science programme. Therefore, we suggest to consider an alternative programme in time.

If you are considering another programme...

  • make sure you apply for limited enrolment programmes no later than 15 January through Studielink.
  • with a selection procedure other than limited enrolment, make sure to check the application deadline as it varies per programme.
  • with matching, make sure you apply for it no later than 1 May through Studielink.
  • in a country other than the Netherlands, note that different deadlines apply.


Take a look at the rules where the selection criteria and procedure of the Global Sustainability Science programme (PDF) are described.

Take a look also at:

Do you have a disability?

Do you have a disability (e.g ADHD or dyslexia) that requires extra facilities on the selection day? Please send the following information to no later than 31 January 2020: 

  1. Which disability or chronic illness are you suffering from?
  2. In which way does this disability affect you when making tests?
  3. Which additional provisions would you like to request during the selection day?
  4. How will these provisions help you during the selection day?
  5. Please send us a supporting document that indicates the disability or chronic illness. This document needs to be signed by a medical professional.


If you have further questions about the Global Sustainability Science selection procedure, contact