Are you hungry for knowledge, do you have a critical attitude and are you persistent? On top of that, do you like to often work together with fellow students and lecturers to, for an example, organise a symposium or a study trip abroad? If so, the honours programme could be right up your alley.

What is an honours programme?

Honours programmes are extra-challenging degree programmes that continue where regular university-education programmes end. The education programmes are both broadening and deepening and provide you with enough room to look beyond the limits of your field. Almost all Bachelor’s programmes offer honours programmes as well, which you can enrol in from the beginning of your degree programme. Later opportunities to enrol exist as well.

As an honours student at Utrecht University, you will become familiar with research in multiple projects early on and you get the chance to develop your talents to their maximum levels. There is also a study community where you can organise many things, such as guest lectures by prominent scientists, mutual exchanges of knowledge, excursions and study trips abroad.

Why honours programmes?

Honours programmes bring out the best in yourself. You will work together with your fellow students a lot and delve deeper into the material together. In an honours programme, you will never settle for the answer 'it's just the way it is'. You encourage each other to perform better and you learn to handle situations in a creative manner. An honours programme is also excellent preparation for a successful career. After graduating, you will receive an honours certificate. You will also have an advantage if you apply for a scholarship or want to enrol in a follow-up study, either within the Netherlands or abroad.

Benjamin de Graaff

Benjamin de Graaff (20 years old), University College Utrecht

"The UCU is a selective degree institute: they really are looking for good and motivated students. I knew I would benefit from a challenging environment in which students want to perform. My fellow students have many different backgrounds, but are almost without exception interested in many different matters. They are open-minded. They also really want to stand out and are often a bit perfectionist. All of this creates an environment that makes me feel at home. As the classes are small and everyone assumes you will actually attend, the degree programmes are very personal."

Melanie Balhuizen

Melanie Balhuizen (21 years old), honours programme Chemistry

"I thought it would be a good idea to do something additional besides my Bachelor's programme. Back in high school, I was the President of the Student Council. The honours programme takes up a lot of additional time, but you'll get something worthwhile in return. There is just a little bit more attention for your performance, for writing reports and for cooperation. These are all skills that will serve you well after your degree programme. But the greatest thing is that you get to know people who, just like you, want to get a little bit more out of their degree programmes. You'll simply work better around people who don't settle for just above-average results."

Descartes College

Do you want to enrol in an honours programme as well as look beyond the limits of your degree programme together with students from other Bachelor’s programmes? If so, Descartes College could be right up your alley. There, you will follow interdisciplinary honours courses as part of your honours programme and meet lecturers and students from all degree programmes.

Is this something for you?

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