What is matching?

In the Netherlands, all prospective Bachelor’s students are offered a procedure of “Matching”. Matching is a way to familiarise yourself with your chosen programme before you actually enrol. In essence, the university will help you form a realistic idea of the programme. Matching is designed as an extra tool to help you choose the right study programme: is there a match between you and the study programme? You will make the final decision whether the degree programme suits you. Therefore, Matching will not influence your chances of being admitted to a programme. Matching is obligatory for prospective students living in the Netherlands. If you live outside of the Netherlands, the matching procedure is not mandatory.

If you live in the Netherlands, after registering in Studielink you will automatically receive an email with an invitation for the Matching procedure. Matching includes an online questionnaire about your motivation and expectations of the programme you chose and a day at Utrecht University where you will attend lectures, review course materials and make a test. You will then receive personal feedback on the basis of the questionnaire and your test results. This will help you determine whether this study programme is a good fit for you and whether you have the motivation and study skills to start the programme in September.

If you live abroad, you can choose (but are not obligated) to participate in Matching. You will then be offered an online version of matching.  

Who is it for?

Everyone can participate in Matching. Matching is a compulsory part of the enrolment process for anyone living in the Netherlands who wants to register for a degree programme at Utrecht University for which there is no selective admission: secondary school students, University of Applied Sciences students, and students who want to switch from another degree programme or take a second degree programme. Check the website of the Bachelor's programme of your choice to see whether Matching applies, and what the deadlines are.

  • If you are not living in the Netherlands on the final deadline of 1 May, then Matching is not compulsory for you. However, if you would like to take part in the Matching procedure, please contact us so that we can together explore arrangements for this.
  • If you are not residing in the Netherlands (or if you live in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius or Sint Maarten), but are still requested to take part in the Matching procedure, you can ask to be exempted. Once you register for a degree programme, you will automatically receive an invitation for the online Matching form; this form also contains a link to the request for exemption form. The deadline for submitting a request for exemption is 8 May. Utrecht University will check the Persons Database (BRP) to see whether you are registered as living at an address in the Netherlands on 1 May. Your request will only be granted if you are not registered at an address in the Netherlands.

National registration point for study choice advice

If you have a complaint about the matchingsprocedure at Utrecht University, you can file this complaint at This registration point has been developed by the LSVb (Dutch Student Union) and the ISO (Interstedelijk Studenten Overleg).