Will you be studying at Utrecht University and did you apply before 1 May? Then your enrolment process starts with matching activities to help you assess whether your chosen Bachelor’s programme is truly the right fit for you. Matching is designed to discover whether the programme really matches your interests, capabilities and study skills.

Who is it intended for?

Matching is required for everyone who is registered at a Dutch address on 1 May and who is applying to enrol in a Dutch or English-taught Bachelor's programme that does not have a selection procedure or numerus fixus.

Select whatever applies to you below for more information on the matching procedure.


If you are living in the Netherlands on the 1 May application deadline and have applied to enrol in a non-selective or non numerus fixus Bachelor’s programme at Utrecht University, then matching is a required part of your enrolment procedure. Check out the Matching FAQ to find out if matching is required for your preferred degree programme.

What does matching entail?

Matching at Utrecht University comprises various activities. The matching procedure is as follows:

  1. Completing the matching form on time

A matching form will be sent to you by email stating the deadline for submission. The form will ask about your motivation to do the degree programme, among other things.

  1. Attending the matching activity

The matching activity will introduce you to studying through actual teaching activities of the degree programme of your choice. At home, you will study learning material and complete assignments. You will then attend a tutorial or practicum which is followed by a test. As soon as there is more information about the programme of the matching activity, this will be posted on the degree programme website. The matching activities may take place both offline and online. Naturally, we will inform you of this once more information is available.

  1. Reflecting on your degree programme choice

You will receive feedback on your studying approach and we will discuss your motivation with you. This not only means you will be well prepared when the academic year actually starts, but it will also allow you to determine whether the degree programme is the right choice. The feedback given by the degree programme department during matching is not intended as binding advice, nor should it be considered part of some sort of selection procedure. You are the one who takes the final decision on whether to enrol.


If you are residing abroad on the 1 May application deadline, or living in Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius or Sint Maarten, and the distance is an obstacle to attending the matching activity at Utrecht University, the requirement to participate in matching does not apply to you. This means you can apply for exemption from matching participation. If you are living abroad and nevertheless receive an invitation, you can also apply for exemption.

How do I apply for exemption?

When you apply to enrol, you will automatically receive an invitation email to complete the online matching form, which also includes a link to the exemption request form. The deadline for submitting an exemption request is 8 May. Utrecht University will then check whether you are registered at a Dutch address in the Personal Records Database (BRP: Basisregistratie Personen). If you are not registered at a Dutch address, your request will be honoured.

I would like to participate nevertheless.

Are you living abroad, but would you still like to participate in matching? In that case, get in touch with the Faculty Student Desk of the degree programme concerned, so we can consider the options together.

When does matching take place?

For most degree programmes, matching takes place three times a year.

  • Period 1: 6 – 23 April 2021;
  • Period 2: 2 – 20 June 2021;
  • Period 3: 23 – 27 August 2021 

Please note: the dates for some of the degree programmes, such as the Bachelor's programme in Law and for all Bachelor's programmes at the Faculty of Geosciences will differ from the above periods. Be sure to always check the precise date with the degree programme department of the degree programme you selected.


The earlier you apply to enrol in a degree programme, the greater your chance of being able to participate in matching in Period 1. The advantage of this is that, if the degree programme turns out not to be what you expected, you will still have enough time to apply to enrol in another degree programme (and to participate in the matching for it in Period 2).

If after reading this information you still have some questions regarding matching, please check out our Matching FAQ

Do you have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about the matching procedure, we hope you will let us know about it. Should you feel your complaint is not being dealt with seriously, please get in touch with Meldpunt Studiekeuzecheck. This reporting centre was developed by the Dutch National Students' Union and the Dutch National Students Association.