Limited enrolment

Utrecht University currently has 7 limited enrolment programmes:

      Applications on:
  Capacity  % 16 January 2019 1 January 2018 1 January 2017
Artificial Intelligence (Kunstmatige Intelligentie) 150 215% 323 n.a. n.a.
Biomedical Sciences (Biomedische Wetenschappen) 175 335% 587 527 434
Global Sustainability Science (English taught) 160 296% 474 422 215
Medicine (Geneeskunde) 304 467% 1421 1190 988
Pharmacy,including the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Farmacie) 270 230% 622 549 355
Psychology (Psychologie) 600 198% 1190 n.a. n.a.
Veterinary Medicine (Diergeneeskunde) 225 450% 1013 1031 867

These programmes can only accommodate a certain number of students and will conduct their own selection processes to decide which students to admit/ In these selection processes, not just academic performance will be considered, but other relevant competencies.

Participating in the selection procedure of an limited enrolment programme is free of charge.


The registration, selection and the final enrolment for a limited enrolment programme will take place in 7 steps. During the process you will receive information and instructions through Studielink or directly from the programme (specifically step 3 and 4) and the Admissions Office (specifically step 3, 5, 6 and 7).

Step 1: before 25 December

Obtain a DigiD or Studielink username and password

If you officially live in the Netherlands (you are registered in a Dutch municipality), you will have to use DigiD to log in to Studielink. Studielink is a national enrolment system for degree-seeking university students in the Netherlands. Apply for your DigiD at before the Christmas holidays. It should take a maximum of 5 working days to receive your DigiD. You will need this DigiD when you register for the programme and when you will need to apply for your study grant.

If you do not (yet) live in the Netherlands, you will need to register through Studielink using a Studielink username and password.

Step 2: before 16 January

Submit your enrolment request through Studielink

Submit your request for enrolment for the academic year 2019-2020 for one or two programmes at between 1 October 2018 and 15 January 2019. For the following programmes you may only do so at a single institution in any given academic year:

  • Dentistry
  • Medicine
  • Physical Therapy
  • Dental Hygiene

For example: You are not allowed to register for Medicine at both Utrecht University and the University of Groningen in the same year, but it is possible to register for Medicine at Utrecht University and Dentistry at the University of Groningen.

There is a national maximum of three selection attempts for each programme. For bachelor programmes at Utrecht University there is maximum of:

  • Artificial Intelligence (Kunstmatige Intelligentie): 3 attempts
  • Biomedical Sciences (Biomedische Wetenschappen): 2 attempts
  • Global Sustainability Science (English taught): 3 attempts
  • Medicine (Geneeskunde): 2 attempts
  • Pharmacy,including the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Farmacie): 3 attempts
  • Psychology (Psychologie): 3 attempts
  • Veterinary Medicine (Diergeneeskunde): 3 attempts
A late request due to force majeure

If you submitted your registration request late, you can ask the university to allow you into the selection procedure after all. However, you will have to prove you were unable to submit a registration request between 1 October and 15 January due to force majeure (see also deviation of the rules).

Changing your enrolment request

A withdrawel or cancellation of your registration request is possible until 15 January. If you withdraw or cancel after 15 January, your request will be considered as a selection attempt. There is a national maximum of three selection attempts for each programme.

Step 3: between 16 January and 15 April

Take part in the selection procedure

After registration, you will receive an email with your login details for OSIRIS Online Application. You will be asked to upload documents (like diplomas) and questionnaires. The programme's questionnaire must be completed before 31 January 2019. If you fail to do so, you will be excluded from the selection procedure. Afterwards, you will receive information on the exact selection procedure, the criteria and the selection day date. For more information on the selection procedure, see the programme(s) of your choice.

If you want to participate in the selection of Pharmacy (including the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences) (Farmacie) and Global Sustainability Science please request in time by e-mail to one of these two programmes for participation in the selection digitally.

If you want to participate in the selection of Psychology and Artificial Intelligence please request in time by e-mail to Psychology for participation in the selection digitally.


Bear in mind that the selection procedure for each limited enrolment programme will require you to do between 20 and 50 hours of homework.

Step 4: 15 April

Studielink will inform you of your ranking number

On April 15, you will receive your ranking number from Studielink via email. Your programme will send you an explanatory email concerning this ranking number, please ask an explanation of the programme by email. If you still disagree you can object. The procedure will be explained in the explanatory email.

Ranking numbers

The lower your ranking, the better your chances of being admitted. Our programmes reserve until 1 August a maximum of 10% of all available places for situations with special circumstances.

For example: a programme has 200 available spots and 500 candidates contending for them in the selection procedure. The numbers 1 to 9 are reserved. Candidates ranked from 10 to 180 will be admitted immediately and receive their Certificate of Admission on 15 April. Candidates with ranking 181 and higher will have to wait for one of the first 180 candidates to decline their Certificate of Admission or fail their final exams.

High ranking number. Now what?
  • If there is another academic programme (without limited enrolment) you would like to use as a backup option, be sure to register for it by 1 May.
  • If the academic programme in question is at Utrecht University, matching is not required unless you live in the Netherlands.
  • You could also opt for a gap year and reapply for selection the following year.

Nation-wide, you can enter the selection process for a limited enrolment programme a maximum of three times. There is no such maximum for an academic programme without limited enrolment.

Step 5: between 15 April and 15 September

Accept your place (provided your ranking number is good enough)

Depending on your ranking number, you may receive through Studielink an offer to accept a place for the programme. You can accept (or decline) this place within two weeks via Studielink and the ‘To DO Action Arrange your placement. Offering places starts as early as 15 April and continues in May, July or early September, as other candidates withdraw or fail to submit the requirements mentioned in step 6. If you have not received an offer by 15 September, your ranking number was too high and you will not be able to start the programme in 2019-2020.

Tip: Starting 15 April, check your email, including your spam folder, at least once a week, even while you’re on holiday.

What to do when you are offered 2 places in limited enrolment programmes?

If you applied for 2 programmes with limited enrolment and are offered 2 places, you’ll have to make your choice within two weeks. 

For instance, if you receive an offer for a place in programme B in April (and accept it within two weeks) and then receive an offer in late July, this time for programme A, you’ll have another two weeks to choose A or B. You may only register for a single limited enrolment programme. 

Step 6: before 31 August

Meet the subject requirements

You will need to have met all the programme's subject requirements (including the language test) and send a hardcopy of your diploma(s) to the Admissions Office before 31 August. The Admissions Office will guide you through this step. In case you fail to meet all educational entry requirements by this deadline, the offered place will be canceled. This entails that you must participate again in a selection procedure in a new academic year. You can ask the university to cancel your selection attempt. There is a national maximum of three selection attempts for one programme.

You do not receive proof of meeting the requirements before 31 August

If you meet all the entry requirements by 31 August but cannot produce any exhibit to prove that yet, you will need to request a postponement from the university

Step 7: complete your enrolment at Utrecht University

Arrange an authorisation for tuition fee payment

Remember that you need to complete your enrolment in time and arrange an authorisation for the payment of your tuition fees in Studielink. You can authorise the payment from June 2019. 

Deviation of the rules

In certain situations, you may request the university to deviate from the rules.


The rules for the five academic programmes with an intake restriction are recorded in: