• Jan Korous, bachelor student U.S.E. from the Czech Republic

    “For me, there was no better place to study in continental Europe than the Netherlands and more specifically, Utrecht University. Why? UU is a global competitor in education and scientific research. Moreover, the EU-regulated tuition fees made it a favorable choice over USA or England.

    As for Utrecht, it is a lively student city with two enormous libraries to study in. And why U.S.E.? For me personally, the strong international feeling (one third of our students is international) and the multidisciplinary approach were a deciding factor. For example, I combine my studies with a Law Minor, where I study how Economics and Law affect each other.”

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  • Nghia Phan, bachelor student U.S.E. from Vietnam

    Nghia Phan

    “Looking one issue with different filters can give you various perspectives that you may have never thought of. That is what I exactly learnt from the Bachelor in Economics and Business Economics at U.S.E. By studying at U.S.E., students are granted with not only the knowledge of economics itself but also with that of social sciences, geography and law so that we can widen our horizon when the world is getting closer and closer as a whole. Moreover, U.S.E. is an international friendly environment in which people are treated equally regardless of where they are. As an international student, I can proudly say that it has always felt like second home to me.” 

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  • Ruth Whitehead, bachelor student U.S.E. from the United Kingdom

    Ruth Whitehead

    “Dutch Universities are ranked amongst some of the best universities in the UK and there are many courses offered in English. The standard of education here is very high, yet the tuition fees are much lower. For me, studying at U.S.E. is about more than rankings or saving money on tuition fees; you get to be part of a friendly and international community of students and professors, follow an interesting study programme, which you can tailor to your specific interests, and all in the lovely city that is Utrecht.” Read Ruth's blogposts ''Why Utrecht'' and ''Dear First Year me''.

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