Why Utrecht University

A tour of the David de Wied building by Patrycja and Josh.

The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (CPS) has a unique combination of content and educational approach:


  • Drug innovation – from unravelling the disease mechanisms and designing drug molecules to testing new medicines in patients, and everything in between
  • Multidisciplinary – combination of biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences, chemistry, biology and medicine

Educational approach

  • Projects on real-life biomedical or pharmaceutical problems
  • Freedom to pursue your personal interests
  • Research environment– many lab sessions, education by top scientists and visits to research institutes and companies
  • Small-scale education 
  • Taught fully in English – open to international students
That investigative thought process is ideally suited to the ambiguous nature of the life of a consultant: when a project starts, you often don’t even know what the assignment will be.
foto robin mulders terstimonial cps


At the start of your study, you will get a personal tutor to guide you throughout the programme, helping you to make choices in your study. For possible personal matters, you can visit your tutor or the study advisor. Furthermore, because of the small scale of the programme, with a maximum of 50 students a year, CPS students form a tight community in which they help and motivate each other.

Study abroad

In the second and third year of your bachelor, you can follow elective courses outside the Netherlands. In case you decide to continue your master education at Utrecht University, you could also do an internship outside the Netherlands.