Student for a day

Do you want to experience what it is like to study at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences? Come study CPS for a Day! ‘Study CPS for a Day’ is representative for the CPS study both in content and educational approach, but the assignments are geared towards high school students. CPS students will tell about their experiences and during their presentation or the ensuing lunch, they can answer all the questions that you may have about CPS and studying in Utrecht. Moreover, you’ll meet high school students that also have an interest in CPS.

"I liked the lab work. It was nice to see and talk to CPS-students. The workshop was good!"

For whom?

‘Study CPS for a Day’ is meant for students in their last or next to last year of high school who are considering to study at the College of Pharmaceutical Sciences.


The Student for a day activities will be held on:

  • 11 oktober 2019
  • 6 december 2019
  • 13 december 2019

General information

The number of high school students that can sign up for ‘Study CPS for a Day’ is limited.

Student testimonials

"I really like how the day is set up to show how the course is in reality, with a little bit of everything thrown in."

"I think the items clearly represent this study. It was a great opportunity to try all aspects of this study."

"Talking to students really gives a clear image of what you can expect."

More information

Please contact Puck Roos.