Selection for admission

Limited enrolment programme

The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences admits a limited number of 50 students (limited enrolment) or numerus fixus programme). Places are allocated based on a selection procedure.

Selection procedure

If you are motivated for the content and the educational approach of CPS, we welcome you to apply. If you can meet the entry requirements, the first step in the selection procedure is filling in an extensive background questionnaire and uploading a recommendation form (see Application procedure). Before the end of February, you will be invited for a selection day (step 2) on one day in the weeks of 2 and 9 March. On your selection day, you will write an essay on a CPS-related subject (from home if you live outside the Netherlands). To prepare for the writing of this essay, you are asked to read one of the three articles that are included in the invitation

Candidates with an above average score for the background questionnaire (inquiring motivation, interest and personal background) and recommendation form and above average scores for the interview and written essay will be selected.