Entry requirements

Candidates must meet a set of minimum requirements to be able to participate in the selection procedure which are outlined below.

Minimum requirements for secondary school

Applicants must have:

  • a Dutch secondary school diploma at vwo level (vwo-profile 'Natuur en Techniek' or 'Natuur en Gezondheid' with Physics) or
  • an international equivalent with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as required subjects

Examples are:

European Baccalaureate

  • Mathematics (at least 3 hours per week in the final 2 years)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

International Baccalaureate diploma

  • Higher level: Chemistry
  • Standard level: Physics and Mathematics (not Mathematical Studies!)

British A-levels

Students with British A-levels can be considered for admission if they have at least 3 GCE A-levels. Subjects must include:

  • Chemistry (A-level), Physics (at least A/S-level) and Mathematics (at least A/S level) or
  • Chemistry (A-level), Biology (A-level) and Mathematics (at least A/S level). In addition a GCSE in Physics (with at least a B grade) is required.

Zeugnis der Algemeinen Hochschulreife (Abitur)

  • Abiturprüfungsfach: Chemistry
  • Grundkurs: Physics
  • Up to and including year 12: Mathematics

US High School Diploma (USA)

  • In addition to the completed High School Diploma, we require students to obtain at least 4 Advanced Placements (AP's) of the US College Board, all with a score of -3- or higher, among which at least an AP Calculus AB, an AP Physics 1 and an AP Chemistry, all with a score of -3- or higher.

What if I am missing one of the above-mentioned courses in my profile?

The Admissions Office of Utrecht University determines whether your diploma is equivalent to a Dutch high school diploma. If the level is insufficient and/or subject(s) are missing, they will advise you how to remedy this. There are private institutions, e.g Boswell-Bèta or CCVX where you can gain your qualification prior to the start of the programme.

You will need to have met all the programme's subject requirements (including the language test) before 31 July. If you meet all the entry requirements by 31 July but cannot product any exhibit to prove that yet, you will need to request a postponement from the university. Please note: the exam should be taken before 31 July!

Minimum requirements for English proficiency

As English is the official language at CPS, non-native speakers are required to demonstrate proof of proficiency. Utrecht University accepts the following exams:

  • IELTS, Academic Module. Minimum score: 6.0 overall band, 5.5 for writing. IELTS is the test preferred by Utrecht University.
  • TOEFL, Internet based. Minimum score: 83. Institutional scores are not accepted. The TOEFL institution code for Utrecht University is 9062.
  • Cambridge Certificates: Advanced English or Proficiency in English, minimum score C.


You are considered to be proficient in English and do not need to provide an English language test score if:

  • you obtained your secondary school diploma in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, USA or South Africa, or
  • you obtained an IB Diploma or EB Diploma (taught in English)
  • you have a Dutch vwo diploma with English

Limited enrolment programme

The College of Pharmaceutical Sciences admits a limited number of 50 students limited enrolment or numerus fixus programme. Places are allocated based on a selection procedure.