21 januari 2019 van 14:00 tot 18:00

Workshop: Smart data en Mededingingsrecht

Artist's impression van een groep mensen in een openbare ruimte vol data en cijfers

Er wordt gezegd dat data de nieuwe olie is en dat het concurrentie (gedeeltelijk) ontwricht omdat bedrijven niet effectief kunnen concurreren met technische giganten. De dominante posities in digitale markten verschillen volgens sommigen fundamenteel van die van andere markten de afgelopen decennia. Een dringende reactie van mededingingsbureaus is dus vereist.

(Dit artikel gaat verder in het Engels, de workshop is ook in het Engels)

However, this understanding of the way digital services are built might be incomplete, and in order to assess it, one must start by answering the following question: isn’t the processing of data more crucial to competition analysis than the amount of the data itself?

Indeed, one company’s ability to process (big) data in real time so to propose a better and personalized service to its users does seem to be essential to its survival. But does that mean that it constitutes a barrier to entry the market? Can this advantage over competitors be maintained despite their technological advances? Do competition agencies have a role to play in this regard?

These questions are key to understanding the competition of tomorrow, and yet, are barely discussed. This workshop, dedicated to the subject and built as a real dialogue, aims at providing with a better understanding of what smart data is, to what extent it provides companies with a competitive advantage and/or constitutes a barrier to entry the market, and what should be the role of competition agencies’ on this matter.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Freek Bruggert (ACM)

  • Pedro Caro de Sousa (OECD)

  • Anna Gerbrandy (Utrecht Law School)

  • Geoffrey Manne (ICLE)

  • Thibault Schrepel (Utrecht Law School)

  • Simonetta Vezzoso (Trento University)

Limited number of seats available. To ask for an invitation, send an e-mail to t.schrepel@uu.nl by mentioning "Smart data and Competition Law workshop" in the subject line.

Begindatum en -tijd
21 januari 2019 14:00
Einddatum en -tijd
21 januari 2019 18:00
Free of charge