23 april 2018 van 09:00 tot 17:00

Workshop 'Platform Economy: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Public Policy Perspectives' (registration no longer possible)


09:00 Coffee
09:15 Koen Frenken: The rise of the platform economy: an institutional perspective
09:45 Taneli Vaskeleinen: Riding the hype train: The corporate co-optation process in the German carsharing market
10:15 Hans Berends: Digitization and the development of platform strategies in home automation
10:45 Coffee
11:00 Erik Stam: tba
11:30 Laura Piscicelli: Consumer entrepreneurship in the platform economy
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Brita Schemmann: Searching for external ideas and solutions: what makes innovation crowdsourcing work?
13:30 Mark Boons: tba
14:00 Helen Toxopeus: User crowdfunders: savvy insiders or naïve idealists?
14:30 Coffee
14:45 [Keynote] Martin Kenney: Platform economy: Implications for labor and competition
15:30 Peter Blok: Data protection law in the age of the platform economy
16:00 José van Dijck: European public values in a global online society
16:30 Wrap-up
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23 april 2018 09:00
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