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Versterk-Je-Onderwijs-Week: Professioneel consult à la carte

Would you like your students to come to class better prepared, give more efficient feedback on students’ work, or spar with someone about ways to make your lecture series more appealing? Would you like to try out a teaching tool? Or get advice about testing in your course? Then seize the opportunity to talk to an educational consultant!  

During our professional consultation, you will speak with a teaching professional about an issue in the field of education or teaching evaluation. You can come to us for a wide range of topics, such as: 

  • How you can develop in the field of teaching (including in the international classroom) as part of your academic career; 
  • Any education-related issues. Sometimes a brief consultation is enough to help you make adjustments to a course, revise an exam, or improve your lectures or seminars. 
  • The use of blended learning tools. 

Dutch or English upon request.

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