12 december 2017 van 11:00 tot 13:00

U.S.E. Seminar Series met Jacopo Mazza

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Jacopo Mazza (University of Essex) zal deze paper presenteren:

Caught in the Cycle: Timing of Enrollment and Labor Market Performance of University Graduates
met Alena Bicakova (CERGE-EI, Prague) en Matias Cortes (York University)


We explore the labor market outcomes of cohorts who select into university at different points in the business cycle. We find robust evidence that cohorts of graduates who select into university during worse economic times have better average labor market outcomes than those who select during better times. This difference is not explained by differences in the economic conditions at the time of college graduation, by changes in the composition of the cohorts in terms of field of study, or by changes in selection into occupations or industries. Overall, our results suggest that worsening macroeconomic conditions improve selection of students into university, or induce otherwise similar students to exert more effort to improve their labor market outcomes after graduation. This is also supported by the fact that cohorts that enroll in adverse economic conditions exhibit better college performance in terms of degree class achievement.

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12 december 2017 11:00
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12 december 2017 13:00
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