12 februari 2019 van 11:00 tot 12:30

The impact of AI on economic development and growth

U.S.E. Seminar met Wim Naudé (Maastricht University) over de impact van AI op economische groei en ontwikkeling


Wim Naudé, Bijzonder hoogleraar Organisation and Strategy aan de School of Business and Economics van Maastricht University geeft een U.S.E. Seminar op 12 februari. Het draagt als titel: The impact of AI on economic development and growth.


After being dormant through a number of AI-winters, AI is back. And it has generated a heated debate on whether and how it will disrupt society. The short-and-medium terms concerns tend to be on whether human labour can win a “race against the robots” and the longer-term concerns on whether the control (or alignment) problem can be overcome in the search for an artificial general intelligence (super-intelligence). Has and will AI lead to job losses and rising inequality, and will an artificial general intelligence herald in a blissful Singularity with exponentially improving human lives, or will such an intelligence pose an existential threat to humanity?

In this seminar Wim Naudé will describe the nature and context of these concerns, review the current state of the economics literature on the impact of AI on jobs and inequality, and discuss some recent theoretical modelling that aims to better understand how to avoid potentially detrimental AI arms races.

Begindatum en -tijd
12 februari 2019 11:00
Einddatum en -tijd
12 februari 2019 12:30
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