23 november 2017 van 18:45 tot 21:30

U.S.E. Alumni Workshop: 'Work Hard, Play Hard'

USE Workshop

Do you constantly feel pressured about performing well, both by yourself and your work environment, and always seem to run short of time? Are you wondering how to bring a positive balance in your day, so that you can get enough work done, enjoy your job and have enough time left for your personal life? Come to the ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ workshop on Thursday the 23rd of November from 18.45-21.30pm in Utrecht. The workshop is organised by the Utrecht University School of Economics.

During this interactive workshop you will get tools to keep your energy reserve in check. You will find out how to fit everything that matters to you into your day. Also, you will learn how to manage pressure put on you by external and internal forces, like a demanding work environment or insecurities about your future career.

You will leave the workshop with a better understanding of where you stand, what a well-balanced (work)life means in your personal situation and indeed, what it means to ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’.

About the workshop instructor

Nienke Thurlings is the owner and founder of Jong Burnout. She has a broad experience on the subject of work-life balance and stress issues. Nienke started out as a social psychologist, learning about ‘why people do what they do’. After a career as an international project manager, she burned out at age 24 in 2011. This prompted her to start www.jongburnout.nl in 2013, now the leading Dutch website on millennials and stress.

Nienke further specialized in stress management issues. She first became a certified yoga teacher and group coach as well as a career counsellor for students of the Radboud University, before moving on to become a fulltime trainer/coach for universities, employers and individuals on everything stress related.

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23 november 2017 18:45
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23 november 2017 21:30