20 april 2018 van 20:00 tot 22:00

Theatersportgroep Parnassos: Into the Unknown

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It is only a few hundred years ago that men would traverse seas and oceans in the search of new land. Nowadays it seems there is little left to discover and limited possibility to relive the adventures of the past. But do not let this bring you down, because we offer you the opportunity to jump into the unknown once more! On Friday the 20th of April, Theatersportgroep Parnassos joins hands with the legendary Oxford Imps to bring back the old days of Marco Polo, Columbus and James Cook. Neither you nor the actors know what this evening will bring, but be assured that the actors will show you places and people you have never seen before.

So join us on our journey and book your tickets via TSGP (students: €4 / others: €6). We will take off at 20.00hr in the theatre of Parnassos Cultuurcentrum in Utrecht, we hope to meet you there!

Begindatum en -tijd
20 april 2018 20:00
Einddatum en -tijd
20 april 2018 22:00
€6 / €4 (studenten)