7 februari 2017 van 17:30 tot 20:30

The Future of our Food - Brussels

"How can we feed the world’s growing population by 2050? Why is it so difficult to make healthy food choices? How can we develop more climate resistant crops?"

Utrecht University researchers strive to find innovative solutions to current and upcoming world food problems. At this event for UU alumni in Brussels on 7 February 2017 our scientists will climb up on a soapbox to showcase the most recent innovations in this field.

In addition this evening will give you plenty of opportunity to connect with other UU alumni in Brussels and the rest of Belgium.

Future Food Utrecht​ brings together fundamental researchers of Utrecht University related to health, behaviour, and innovations for future food production. Prof. dr. Rens Voesenek and prof. dr. Denise de Ridder will share with you the most recent innovations in this field, from sustainable innovations in plant biology to getting insights on how to make smart food decisions. Their stories give great insight in current research at Utrecht University and how this will have an impact on the world of food as we know it today.

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7 februari 2017 17:30
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7 februari 2017 20:30