POSTPONED: Critical Pathways Workshop: Writing a Food Justice Manifesto

Picture of Critical Pathways Fellow Tonio Flores

This workshop has been postponed to the spring of 2024. 

Critical Pathways and Future Food Utrecht cordially invite you to the workshop 'Writing a Food Justice Manifesto' led by Critical Pathways Fellow, Tonio Flores.

How can we create a future where food, land, and ecologies work in harmony? Who is shaping the trajectory of food futures? Through a collaborative process, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of our perspectives and lived experiences related to food and nourishment in a globalized economy. We also intend to work on mapping pathways to regenerate our connections with the environment while sustaining ourselves. In light of recent Dutch farmer protests regarding the nitrogen crisis, hunger in developing economies, and the emergence of food justice movements in the Philippines and the Global South, we invite you to engage in a dialogue where participants can reflect and co-create a shared manifesto for food justice. This manifesto will remain a dynamic document, open to public revisions, deletions, or additions to its content.

Tonio Flores is a farmer, educator, and the founder of FarmLab Ecopraxis, dedicated to establishing community gardens, natural farms, and food forests across the Philippines. His work intersects agricultural science, food systems, placemaking, ecology, and regenerative design. His fellowship primarily focuses on regenerative agriculture models and communities in the Philippines. Food represents the most intimate way in which we interact with our ecosystems, as it influences how we shape and transform landscapes, territories, bodies, and beliefs.

Begindatum en -tijd
Einddatum en -tijd
Academiegebouw - Kanunnikenzaal (Domplein 29)

Registration will open again when we've found a definitive date for this event