Pop-Up bijeenkomst: Transitions to Work


De pop-up meeting Transitions to Work is een kans om samen te komen uit verschilende disciplines en een internationale expert te horen over dit onderwerp. Hij is georganiseerd door Dynamics of Youth, een strategisch onderzoeksthema van de Universiteit Utrecht.

Dit bericht gaat verder in de voertaal van de bijeenkomst, Engels.

The transition from education to work is a significant moment in young people’s lives. While some find themselves on a trajectory of fulfilling and well-renumerated work, many others struggle to identify their talents and possibilities, face discrimination, and for some it is the beginning of a cycle of unstable employment.  The Transitions to Work pop-up meeting on October 10, 2023 is organised by the the research community Becoming Adults in a Changing World, at Utrecht University. It is an opportunity to come together from several disciplines, to hear from an international expert and to explore potential for collaboration.

The issues are complex, involving individual factors including identity, purpose, and motivation as well as structural issues related to our education, economic, and employment systems. This is all taking place in the context of a rapidly shifting world of work – we can only begin to understand the implications of generative AI for the shape of future work. 

How can we best support young people in this transition? What changes are needed in the systems around young people in this transition? How do young people find a sense of purpose and agency in navigating this transition? 

The Transitions to Work pop-up meeting is an opportunity to come together with other researchers and an international expert to explore potential for collaboration. There will also be time to explore the issues involved with societal partners and youth.

The outcome of this meeting could be to work towards a collaborative research project, but we are open to supporting other ideas that emerge. The Becoming Adults community can provide some financial support to facilitate a variety of emerging plans. This could be, for example, to fund a writing retreat to prepare a grant application, or to fund a student assistant to support an emerging project. 

Visiting Guest

Professor Kristoffer Chelsom Vogt, Bergen University

We will be joined by Professor Vogt who has examined school to work transitions in social and historical context.


13.30 – 15.00Researchers: Examining the Field and Finding Connections
An opportunity to explore the state of the art on this topic in Europe and identify key points of connection within ongoing or future research plans.

– Share information on relevant projects
– Explore potential for collaboration
– Explore what the Becoming Adults community can offer
15.00 – 16.30Researchers, Societal Partners and Youth
An opportunity to delve more deeply into the experiences, insights, questions and concerns of youth and societal partners in navigating the transition from education to work.

– Benefit from the experience and insights of societal partners and young people
– Lay foundations for potential collaborations
Begindatum en -tijd
Einddatum en -tijd
Drift 25 – 001

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