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Plastic Diet Days 2019

It is certainly one of THE biggest challenges of today’s climate crisis: plastic pollution. With about a million plastic bottles being bought around the world every minute, the impact of our plastic consumption on the environment is getting larger and larger. Therefore, it is time to go on a diet!

Green Office Utrecht is organizing a full week of activities, workshops, and events in which you can learn how to decrease your amount of waste: the Plastic Diet Days. There are multiple activites that you can participate in between Sunday June 2nd and Friday June 7th. You can find the full overview below.

! Please sign up via this form to let us know which events you will be coming to !

Plastic Diet Days - Agenda

- Sunday June 2nd, Plogging Run + picnic (Stadhuisbrug at 11:30): We will kick the Plastic Diet Days off with a Plogging Run in the city center! This means you would help make Utrecht's streets even cleaner by picking up litter while jogging/walking in a team; showing people the consequences of littering.

We will start with a talk by a member of the Skyscraper Team, the same team who put the Plastic Whale up near Tivoli. We will then start the run from the Stadhuisbrug, follow 2 routes alongside the Oudegracht, stop at the Plastic Whale near Tivoli Vredemburg, and end with a yummy vegan picnic at the Lepelenburg park.

- Monday June 3rd, Zero waste workshop (GOU Dependance, Drift 13 at 17:15): Sarah from De Kleine Groene Planeet (the Small Green Planet) will host a workshop on how to live waste-free. In this workshop you can receive a zero waste starter kit which will help you to achieve your diet goals!

Sarah is a Youtuber, blogger, Instagrammer and Etsy shopowner who focuses on zero-waste lifestyles and how to reduce your daily plastic usage. She will give participants tips and tricks on how to improve theirs.

- Tuesday June 4th, Hidden Impact lecture (Green Office Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 8 at 17:15): Mark Kauw - part of the Sustainability Program Team at Utrecht University - will give a lecture and workshop on the hidden impact of products that we may use and choices that we may make in day-to-day life.

Mark co-authored the recently released Hidden Impact book (by Babette Procelijn), so you can trust him as a well of information that will give you critical insights for efficiently decreasing your carbon footprint. At the end of the lecture, there will be a quiz in which you may win a free copy of the book.

- Wednesday June 5th, Documentary film screening (Drift 13, room 004 at 19:45): We will be screening the 'Plastic China' documentary. This documentary will not only show you the environmental costs of our plastic pollution, but the humanitarian cost as well!

If you already know the Green Office, you know that snacks will be there. We only need you.

- Thursday June 6th, Vegan lunch (Green Office Utrecht, Heidelberglaan 8 at 12:00): In collaboration with the Food Committee, we will be organizing a relaxed get-together vegan lunch. There will be drinks, and a short talk about food waste. Come by for some food that is colorful, delicious, local, seasonal... basically every positive adjective about food you can think of.

Don't be shy, be inspired by how easy and yummy this sort of food can be!

- Friday June 7th, Reflection session (Drift 21 - room 006(32) at 15:00): After a week of plastic dieting, people will bring their trash with them to see how much waste they produce in a week. We will reflect on the week and the amount of trash through some fun means, for example with certain games.

We will be having drinks until 19:00 afterwards, So this is a great opportunity to expand your green network. It might be the only network that will matter in a few years.

Why should you join?

Of course, it’s a well-known fact that diets never work if you make them dull and unrealistic, so we are going to ensure that our sessions remain approachable, fun, and teach you ways to diet from plastic that are actually achievable... while letting you meet like-minded people!

Green Office Utrecht (GOU) is Utrecht University’s central sustainability hub where fresh minds and hands come together to support Utrecht University’s sustainable development. Green Office Utrecht makes the university’s policy tangible in the everyday reality of its students and staff members by informing them, involving them and empowering them to act. Green Office Utrecht is active on four themes: Food, Biodiversity, Mobility and Circularity.

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