PhD Masterclass prof. Mark Jackson

Posthuman and decolonial approaches to rethinking land


As part of the IOS Fair Transitions / LANDac Conference 2023 keynote speaker Mark Jackson of the University of Bristol will host a masterclass on posthuman and postcolonial rethinking of land as part of the pre-conference programme on Wednesday June 28th from 10.00 to 11.30AM. The interactive masterclass is open to (aspiring) PhD-students with a maximum of 25 participants.

Are you interested or do you know anyone that would like to participate in the Masterclass? Send an email to to confirm registration.

This part of the conference programme is organized and hosted by the IOS Fair Transitions Board. For more information and to stay up-to-date about practical matters regarding these and other conference activities, please keep an eye on our IOS Fair Transitions Conference Page.

About the masterclass

The masterclass discussion will explore how the provocations from a set of readings about how posthuman, relational, and decolonial approaches to researching and practicing land and ecological reparations are helpful (or not) for attendees’ own research projects. From Todd’s now well-known Indigenous critique of the ontological turn, to Indigenous Australian approaches to land as kin, to recent geographical analyses that read planetary political economies of plant agencies with coloniality, to practices of Black food justice in the UK, the readings will ask questions of how we approach the contexts of researching land, the histories of our conceptual frames, and our material responsibilities as researchers to the manifolds of land.

Please simply read each of the following once through and come prepared to discuss them in light of your own research projects and research practices.

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