Network meeting IOS Platform 'Fair Transitions'


Het IOS Fair Transitions platform organiseert haar eerste bijeenkomst op woensdag 29 juni, van 10.00-12.00, in Paushuize. Het netwerk event vindt plaats in samenwerking met LANDac (the Netherlands Land Academy), ter gelegenheid van de opening van hun internationale conferentie. Het thema van de conferentie dit jaar is: Governing land for the future – what (r)evolutions do we need? De bijeenkomst en conferentie zijn Engelstalig. 

Over het Fair Transitions platform 

IOS platform ‘Fair Transitions’ is a new platform within strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies to envision institutions for environmentally sustainable and socially just transitions vis-a-vis climate change and related societal transformations. By facilitating an interdisciplinary dialogue, we propose to explore the question: How do institutions need to change in order to guarantee safe, inclusive and climate-resilient landscapes and social-ecological environments across the globe? Governmental institutions must change and collaborate with bottom-up institutions in new ways in order to achieve fairness and socio-ecological justice, facing complex global challenges, such as climate change-related transformations that lead to shifts in people’s mobility, relationship between human and non-human species, and access, use and control of natural resources.

Join the network meeting

Everyone who's interested in these topics is cordially invited to join the conversation between scholars, practitioners, from Utrecht University and IOS as well as from the LANDac network. Not only to exchange ideas about land governance, but also on food system, energy, water, biodiversity and other topics where we need to critically think about how to ensure ‘fairness’ – what do we mean by it? – in the quest for sustainable development at various scales. We hope to welcome attendees from several disciplines to interact with colleagues to think along about how to further develop our first ideas. 

LANDac Conference

LANDac will cordially invite participants to join the conference lunch and keynotes after 12.00. Please communicate with Wiebe Bor if you are interested in joining. 

Begindatum en -tijd
Einddatum en -tijd
Paushuize (Utrecht City Center)

Aanmelden is mogelijk door een email te sturen naar: Wiebe Bor -