Mathematics Education Seminar


Designing embodied tasks in statistics education

Lonneke Boels, Utrecht University

Histograms are widely used and difficult to interpret for students. In this talk I will present a sequence of tasks that is designed to scaffold students’ understanding of histograms. The design of the tasks is based on a review of the literature as well as on eye tracking data of secondary school students. The series of tasks is designed with an embodied view in mind.

Materials (pdf)

Presentation announcement 

More information on the eye tracking research can be found here.

Aim: The seminar targets two main aims: (1) to deepen our understanding of mathematics education phenomena, and (2) to reinforce scientific connections within the Dutch community of mathematics education research.  

Audience: We intend to meet with a growing community of people interested in mathematics education research. We welcome researchers and students from the field of mathematics education, and also from mathematics, psychology of mathematical cognition, philosophy of mathematics, and researchers at any other field with an interest in the crossroad of education and mathematics.

Presentations: Any researcher in the field of mathematics education or in the neighborhood domains is welcomed to present her work at the seminar. Presentations are meant to be accessible for a wide audience, however, they should be framed within a theoretical context to provoke deep discussions. A finished work, as well as work in progress, can be presented.  Speakers are invited to share expertise, but another option is for speakers to prepare a lecture  specifically for the seminar.

Discussion and questions are an important part of the seminar.

Date and time: third Thursday every month, 15:30-17:00

Contact: Rogier Bos and/or Anna Shvarts


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