27 november 2018 van 13:30 tot 15:00

Lunch lezing: The Political Corporation

Een jurist, een sociale wetenschapper en een filosoof uit Engeland, België en Duitsland discussiëren over lobby en het politieke gedrag van bedrijven.

(De rest van dit bericht is in het Engels)

Corporations usually present themselves as private actors performing an indispensable economic role. However, we also know that they like to influence governments: companies are estimated to have spent around 1.7 billion euros lobbying EU institutions in 2016.  Increasingly, they also behave like governments, with tech firms like Facebook making decisions about free speech and privacy. This event brings together a lawyer, a social scientist and a philosopher for an interdisciplinary round-table discussion on the politics of the corporation. Is corporate law the product of economic necessity or political power? Are workers subject to the power of their bosses like citizens are subject to the power of the state? Should businesses engage in politics responsibly, or keep out?

Paddy Ireland, Professor of Law, University of Bristol

Isabelle Ferreras, Professor of Sociology, Université catholique de Louvain

Christian Neuhäuser, Professor of Political Philosophy, TU Dortmund

Begindatum en -tijd
27 november 2018 13:30
Einddatum en -tijd
27 november 2018 15:00
Gratis toegankelijk, lunch hoort erbij.