24 september 2019 van 12:30 tot 14:00

Lunch lecture “Evidence-based innovation – the scholarly approach to developing your teaching” by dr Julie Hulme

Dr Julie Hulme, Keele University

Dr. Julie Hulme is a UK National Teaching Fellow and applied psychologist from Keele University, with a particular interest in applying psychological theories and research to enhancing teaching and learning. During this lunch lecture, dr Hulme will focus on the importance of developing teaching to support student engagement, independent learning, and employability, and will draw on her recent work reflecting on the ways in which scholarship can facilitate this. She will also share some practical examples of how to use scholarship to inform teaching practice, and encourage us to reflect on ways in which we can adopt similar approaches. Hulme will suggest that educational scholarship is an aid in bridging the gap between educational research and learning and teaching in higher education, drawing on her experiences around interactive and student-centred learning, authentic assessment, and more. Why are these issues important, and how can we make them work?

Join us for this lecture! No need to bring your sandwich, lunch will be available. Sign up for this lunch lecture.

Julie Hulme will be at Utrecht University for several days, for the biannual ESPLAT conference ‘Teaching and learning to foster the psychologist of the future’ (25-27 September). In addition to Julie Hulme, Christel Lutz and Sari Lindblom will be delivering keynotes. 

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24 september 2019 12:30
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24 september 2019 14:00