LRM Conference 2015: Corporate Social Engagement

Corporate social engagement

In the past couple of years, public awareness has increased of the fact that besides states, companies play an important role in enhancing the social environment throughout the world. The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, introduced in June 2011, perfectly illustrate this. Companies have started to react to this public awareness themselves by paying attention to their corporate social responsibility, being consciously engaged with the impact of their business upon society.

The Legal Research Master Conference 2015, which will take place on Friday, April 24th in Utrecht, builds on these developments, and focuses on the way companies pay attention to the social dimension of their business and the reasons why they do so. The topic will be dealt with through three themes, which are:

  1. Corruption;
  2. Business & Human Rights;
  3. Social Entrepreneurship.

With regard to corruption, participants will get acquainted with the risks companies face in case corruptive acts occur within their business organisation, on the basis of (inter-)national legislation and several private initiatives, and the manner in which they can deal with these risks. With regard to business & human rights the focus will be on multinational corporations and harm caused to people and the environment abroad. We will engage in an exploration of the (legal) challenges victims face when seeking remedy and focus on possible ways to meet these challenges. Furthermore, different perspectives regarding social entrepreneurship will be presented, through the involvement of social enterprise platform, academics dealing with legal aspects of social entrepreneurship, and two social entrepreneurs who will be present their business model.

The focus of the plenary morning session of the conference is interdisciplinary. Experts on corruption, business & human rights and social entrepreneurship will talk about recent developments, discussions and questions with regard to their field of expertise. In the afternoon the participants can choose between three interactive workshops, in which they will deepen their knowledge on one of the three themes of the conference, under guidance of (legal) academics and actors from practice. Attention will be paid to the legislative developments with regard to the three themes.

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