3 oktober 2019 van 15:30 tot 17:30

Kick-off meeting Focus Area Higher Education Research

De voertaal van dit evenement is Engels.

The focus area Higher Education Research (HER) kindly invites all faculty , from (aspiring) PhD-candidates to full professors, with an interest in higher education research to a kick-off meeting on October 3rd. The focus area aims to support higher education research by enhancing collaboration within this field and by improving the visibility of Higher Education Research.

During the kick-off meeting there will be ample opportunity to meet with others who share your interest in higher education research, and collectively we will explore relevant topics for the Higher Education Research field.

Read more about the focus area Higher Education Research here.

Begindatum en -tijd
3 oktober 2019 15:30
Einddatum en -tijd
3 oktober 2019 17:30