5 november 2019 van 15:30 tot 17:30

Kick-off bijeenkomst SIG SoTL

The very first meeting of the SIG Scholarship of Teaching and Learning will take place on Tuesday 5 November!

The SIG SoTL is an informal community of teachers that are interested in research-informed teaching in their own classroom, want to provide evidence of or get insight in the learning of their own students. In the SIG SoTL you can get inspired by other teachers engaged in SoTL, help each other by sharing your own experiences with SoTL-projects, and together form an expertise network for teachers involved in SoTL. Both you and your students will profit from being part of this SIG!

During the meeting we will discuss what SoTL actually entails, you will share your (possible) experiences with SoTL with the other participants, and we’ll make an inventory of the wishes and ideas for the content of this SIG.

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About the Special Interest Groups

In a Special Interest Group (SIG), teachers regularly meet around a shared interest in the area of academic teaching. Teachers can join as experts, but they can also join to increase their expertise in the defined area. The members of the SIG choose the frequency and (sub)topics of meetings themselves. Some SIGs function as discussion forums, others turn into project groups with formulated goals. Most SIGs meet up 3 or 4 times a year.

Begindatum en -tijd
5 november 2019 15:30
Einddatum en -tijd
5 november 2019 17:30