Jeroen Hopster: Rethinking the Margins series

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Jeroen Hopster
Should ‘losers’ of the climate transition be compensated? The role of legitimate expectations.

Seminar Synopsis 
Sustainability transitions may thwart the expectations of various stakeholders
– individuals, corporations, countries. A just transition presupposes that, under certain conditions, stakeholders whose expectations are frustrated are entitled to transitional relief. For which stakeholders does such an entitlement hold? This presentation discusses the scope of ‘legitimate expectations’ in a just transition. 

Speaker Bio 
Jeroen Hopster is Assistant Professor of at the Ethics Institute of Utrecht University and researcher in the gravitation programme ‘Ethics of Socially Disruptive Technologies’ (ESDiT). From 2024-2027 he will conduct a NWO VENI project on the role of legitimate expectations in just transitions (‘Lost in transition’: He has published on social disruption, moral revolutions, and the precautionary principle, among other topics.


Rethinking the Margins
An initiative of the IOS Fair Transitions platform

Rethinking the Margins is a seminar series of the IOS Fair Transitions platform, offering a place to radically rethink sustainable development, and envision institutions for the future that safeguard not just ecological boundaries, but also boundaries of fair and just development. By facilitating an interdisciplinary dialogue among various faculties within Utrecht University, and with actors in society, for instance in relation to food production and consumption, and urbanizing deltas, the platform explores the question: How do institutions need to change in order to guarantee safe, inclusive and climate-resilient landscapes and social-ecological environments across the globe? In so doing, we pay specific attention to informal, bottom-up institutions; the relationship between human and non-human species; and the use, access and control of natural resources in the Global South. 

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