11 januari 2018 van 09:00 tot 16:30

Introduction to iRODS workshop

The course provides power users and developer with an introduction to iRODS, the technology that underpins the Yoda Research Data Management system.

The course consists of two parts. Part one introduces the iRODS technology followed by hands-on labs to access data and metadata stored on iRODS using a convenient graphical client as well as the powerful command line tools. Part two builds on part one as an optional extension. It introduces the iRODS rule language, available microservices and concepts of data policies using hands-on labs

For whom?

Power users of Yoda/iRODS systems: researchers, datamanagers, lab support staff, data scientists. 

  • Prerequisite for part one: familiarity with commandline tools e.g. Linux shell is recommended. 
  • Prerequisite for part two: general experience with programming languages and command line editors. Attending part one is required to attend part two.

What are the results?

After the course the user will have a background on the iRODS architecture and will be able to use icommands to access and control research data and metadata.
Part two: Users will be able to use iRODS rules and policies to establish research pipelines to automate processing of research data.

Duration & time investment

Attendance of workshop



Further information and registration

The maximum amount of participants is 20. Participation to this course is also open to participants from outside Utrecht University. If more than 20 participants apply, UU employees have priority over external participants. You will receive an email a week before the course to confirm your participation.

The costs for this course are set to €75,-. Payments can be completed through the link that you will receive after applying, and can be made by either credit card or iDeal.

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11 januari 2018 09:00
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11 januari 2018 16:30
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