29 april 2017 van 14:00 tot 16:30

Alumni gathering in Jakarta: Social Entrepreneurship... with chocolate!

Alumni Chocolate

UU goes Indonesia!
Meet other alumni on 29 April in Jakarta and learn all about
Social Entrepreneurship: the science from Utrecht and the practice from Jakarta.

Pipiltin Cocoa
For this gathering alumna Tissa Aunilla will welcome everyone to the Jakarta based factory of her company Pipiltin Cocoa, a local couverture chocolate producer where chocolate is produced from bean to bar all at the same location.
A social and sustainable entrepreneurship in the heart of Indonesia.

prof. dr. Harry Hummels
Prof. Hummels is the first professor of Social Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands.

His research is connected to the Utrecht University Social Entrepreneurship Initiative (SEI) in cooperation with the Netherlands-based chocolate brand Tony's Chocolonely.

"Social entrepreneurs can make a real difference and their approach can contribute to a more social, societal and environmental society. It is important to involve the entire chain of value in this."

Programme 29 April
Tissa will share her personal story of changing her career from corporate lawyer to social and sustainable entrepreneur. In addition, you can learn all about the company and its mission and enjoy a tour through the factory and the chocolate making process.

Pipiltin Cocoa is a social entrepreneurship with great interest from prof. Hummels. He will share with you his research, how this connects with Pipiltin and how he would like to work with Tissa and her company in the future.

Last but not least there will off course be some chocolate tasting...

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29 april 2017 14:00
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29 april 2017 16:30