Van 21 november 2019 09:00 tot 22 november 2019 17:00

Altertox Training: Skin Sensitization

At this two-days training, experts will put emphasis on sensitization models and skin sensitization quantitative risk assessment: Introduction and application of validated methods (OECD TG 442C, TG 442D and TG 442E), a coculture model (COCAT), in silico integrating tools and their application in risk assessment will be demonstrated. The training will focus on data assessment, testing strategies and their use in skin sensitization quantitative risk assessment.

Among future trainers besides Trier University, there will be BASF, Coty, Edelweiss Connect.

The participants will learn among other things:

  • Alternatives to animal testing to assess sensitization potential and potency (Trier University)
  • Introduction to skin sensitization validated methods (OECD TG 442C, TG 442D and TG 442E) (BASF)
  • Hands-on Training LuSens (BASF)
  • Hands-on Training COCAT – A HaCaT/THP-1 coculture model to estimate skin sensitization potential and potency in vitro & perspective with Hclat (Trier University)
  • Hands-on Training In silico Quantitative risk assessment-case study (Coty)
  • Hands-on Training SaferSkin™ IATA for skin sensitization (Edelweiss Connect)

The training will start with half day lectures and will be followed by 1.5 days of practical training (Hands on-training) where participants, divided in small groups will get the chance to manipulate and see the critical steps of the methods with the experts. This is a perfect way to quickly approach a method, as well as data analysis and interpretation.

Draft Agenda will be soon available.

Registration fee includes the participant booklet, catering and social dinner.

Begindatum en -tijd
21 november 2019 09:00
Einddatum en -tijd
22 november 2019 17:00