A Cycling Journey - How to listen to the voices of human bodies and the more-than-human

Picture of Critical Pathways Fellow Peter Cox

Please note: this specific workshop will focus on cycling, so make sure to bring a bike. The day before, on 29 November 15h00-18h00, a walking workshop will take place.

Critical Pathways and Transforming Cities cordially invite you to this cycling workshop by Critical Pathways Fellow Peter Cox, during which we'll consider how the way we move affects the ways we relate to the world and to each other and how these experiences shape us as people.

Participants will be taken on a cycling journey in which we will explore what it means to learn from everyday activities that usually pass unconsidered (Paulsen et al 2022.). We will use this cycling journey to pose questions about how our movement creates interactions with the human and more than human world. Further, we will consider how those interactions build or constrain the qualities that we desire to be responsible citizens of the Anthropocene. The workshops seek to emphasize how our understanding of critical issues of energy use and sustainable and just relations are not simply matters of abstract knowledge but are embedded in our physical experience of the world.

We will start indoors, but will quickly move outdoors, so please make sure to dress accordingly.

Peter Cox is professor of sociology at the University of Chester, UK. His research and work published over the last twenty years focuses on cycling and sustainable mobilities. Cox has worked extensively with arange of academic, civil society and activist groups and networks. As a Critical Pathways Fellow he will focus on the theme of Anthropocene Mobilities, examining how our everyday travel teaches us different ways of being in the world and learning to listen to the voices of the built environment and the voices of human as well as more-than-human bodies.

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Kromme Nieuwegracht 80 - 1.06 (Ravesteijnzaal)

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