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Utrecht University

Utrecht academics and alumni  

Utrecht University boasts a large number of illustrious people among its graduates and academics, who hold influential positions and figure prominently in the public debate. Various Utrecht academics are welcome guests on radio and TV, e.g. Frits van Oostrom, Paul Schnabel and Maarten van Rossem.

Well-known alumni

Utrecht University is very proud of these prominent representatives and carefully maintains the relationship with Utrecht alumni. Which is demonstrated by the University Days. These are annual ‘return to the Alma Mater’ days for graduate students which include lectures by Utrecht alumni.

Hall of Fame

  • Gerard ’t Hooft (Nobel Prize winner, Foundations of Natural Science research focus area)
  • Paul Schnabel (Distinguished Professor of Utrecht University and Director of the Social and Cultural Planning Office, CPB)
  • Willem Koops (Distinguished Professor of Utrecht University, Coordinating Societal Change research focus area)
  • Bas van Bavel (Origins and Impacts of Institutions research focus area)
  • Hans Oerlemans (Spinoza Laureate, Earth and Sustainability research focus area)
  • Jozien Bensing (Spinoza Laureate, Coordinating Societal Change research focus area)
  • Frits van Oostrom (Cultures and Identities research focus area)

Prominent Utrecht alumni