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Universiteit Utrecht

Utrecht University is a research university comprised of seven faculties which collectively cover the full spectrum of research and education. 

The University has produced many household names. Utrecht scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to society include Nobel Prize winner Christiaan Eijkman, one of the discoverers of vitamin; neuropharmacologist David de Wied, who won national and international acclaim for his discovery that neuropeptides (small proteins) control brain activity and behaviour; and the latest Nobel Prize winner Gerard ’t Hooft, a prominent scientist in the field of theoretical physics. They also include Johanna Westerdijk (Dutch only), the first female professor in the Netherlands.

Making a difference

Utrecht University invests in educating tomorrow’s leaders, delivering high-quality innovative programmes that have high completion rates. The University nurtures academic talent and stimulates excellence, investing in researchers that can make a difference and create value for society. Top-rated programmes and top-rated research guarantee a society’s vitality and well-being.     

Important knowledge partner

Knowledge transfer is a third core activity of Utrecht University, alongside teaching and research. Knowledge transfer is the process of creating societal and economic value from (scientific) knowledge and skills. Utrecht University is developing strategic alliances with public and private parties in the Netherlands and Europe. These partnerships lead to innovative research. Examples of key partnerships are:  

  • Utrecht Science Park, which provides an innovative climate for ‘open science’ and value creation
  • Utrecht Life Sciences, partnership between knowledge institutions, the business sector and public bodies aimed at enabling innovation in the areas of human and veterinarian medicine
  • Utrecht Sustainability Institute, a partnership between knowledge institutions, the business sector, public bodies and public-service groups aimed at achieving a transition to sustainable urban regions
  • Climate-Kic, a Pan-European consortium in which universities, knowledge institutions, businesses and public bodies work together through research, innovation and teaching to create solutions for a sustainable future.


    Utrecht Science Park

    10.000 knowledge workers a day
    10.000 support staff a day
    40.000 - 50.000 students
    570.000 inpatients a year occupying 1.000 clinical beds
    400.000 outpatient visits a year
    40.000 visitors a year to the Botanical Gardens
    10% of direct employment in Utrecht