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Utrecht University

Utrecht University Marathon Relay

The Utrecht University Marathon Relay, held on Easter Monday as part of the Jaarbeurs Utrecht Marathon, was the sporting highlight of the celebrations to mark the 375th anniversary of the founding of Utrecht University.

On 25 April, which proved an unusually sunny Easter Monday, students, staff and alumni formed relay teams representing study societies, student houses, groups of students from the same year, groups of co-workers from the same programme or department or alumni from a certain region. Each team had two, four or six members, each of whom ran part of the marathon course.

Results from the Marathon Relay (preliminary)

UU Marathon Relay for two was won by Elma Zijderveld and Harmen Schaap from the 'Centrum voor Onderwijs & Leren', time: 3:25:04
Second: Ronald van Kempen and Floris van den Berg, time 3:32:20

Winnaars UU Estafette Marathon

The Marathon Relay for four is won by the Driftkikkers (foto), time: 3:25:34. The Driftkikkers are Ruben Lelivelt (alumnus Fysische Geografie), Jasper den Besten (alumnus Fysische Geografie), Joris Ketelaar and Michiel de Hoog. 
Second: team Neurology, UMC Utrecht, time: 3:29:25. The team consisted of: Willem Bouvy, Celine Gathier, Nora Visser en Jan Stork.
Third: team Stichting Move, time 3:31:42.

Winnaars UU Estafette Marathon

The Marathon Relay for 6 is won by team 'Ribs' (foto), time: 2:59:40. The team consisted of: Martin Bleichner, Joost Meekes, Mathijs Raemaekers, Lorraine Dintzner and Zachary Freudenburg.
Second: team Aloha Danny 1 time: 3:02:59. This team consisted of: Anne Vermeulen, Mirjam Aghbal, Joram van den Berg, Hein Stolle, Danny Karijopawiro and Camila Urdaneta Santa.
Third: team Basf Nederland 1. The team consisted of: Sietze van Wieren,
Qingyun Qian, Lei Zhang, Hans Veltman, Tjalling Rekker and Bert Sandee.
Unfortunately they're not shown on the picture.
Participants can download their personal certificate and video at uitslagenoverzicht.

Another winning formula: Move Foundation/Stichting Move

The UU teams were sponsored by friends, acquaintances, family and/or companies. The proceeds totalling 10,500 euros will benefit the Move Foundation (Stichting Move), which is an initiative launched by Utrecht University students to increase the appeal of living in ‘priority neighbourhoods’ for children by getting them involved in sports and promoting more community interaction. The Utrecht University School of Governance (USBO) supervises the substantive aspects of the activities of the Foundation.

Many of the teams took part in the running course offered by Utrecht University’s Olympos Sports Centre before the start of the UU Marathon Relay (see Sportcentrum Olympos for more details).

Winners of the services of a personal trainer

The draw to raffle the services of a personal trainer and a VIP treatment package was won by the Beta Turtles. It was partly thanks to this excellent preparation that the team finished in 81st place (8110). The team consisted of Marianne van Leeuwen, Fraukje Bitter-van Asma, Donna Stegenga, Hans Jacobs and Joris Baijens from the Health & Safety and Accommodation department of the Faculty of Sciences, as well as Tim van Drie from the Facility Services Centre.

Further information

Information for participants (PDF)

Go to for information about the charity supported by the marathon.

More information about the running course can be found at

Go to for information about the partnership between Move and USBO.