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Research at Utrecht University

Utrecht University is an internationally renowned research university. The quality of research at the University is demonstrated by positive research evaluations and a high position in international league tables.

Best Dutch University

The Shanghai Ranking ranks the university in the Netherlands on 1, on a 16th place in Europe and worldwide on a 57th place. According to the 2013 annual Elsevier survey of professors, Utrecht is the best university in the Netherlands.  

Collaboration inside and outside the University

Utrecht University was the first university in the Netherlands to group its top research into 15 focus areas and focusgebieden and one opportunity area. By enabling academics from different disciplines to collaborate in these focus areas, the University has created an integrated approach that contributes to solving societal problems such as climate change, health, safety, social cohesion and sustainability.

Increased focus

Drawing on the foundation of its focus areas, Utrecht University continues to build an integrated approach to addressing scientific and societal problems. This is why the University has opted to increase its research focus and to connect scientific excellence and fundamental research with a societal charge. This charge is about creating value for a sustainable society. How can we improve the quality of the relationship between humans and nature, between humans and animals, and between humans themselves?

The transition to a sustainable society is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. It is a process that will require a comprehensive strategy involving ecological, economic, social, institutional and cultural changes. Utrecht University provides the required knowledge in all these areas. Its choice of four strategic themes (sustainability, life sciences, institutions and dynamics of youth) has enabled the bringing together of knowledge from different disciplines.

Securing funding

Utrecht (top) researchers are successful in securing individual research funding, such as the ‘Spinozapremie’, from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). 

Partnerships inside and outside the University

Utrecht University is a member of internationally renowned networks such as the League of European Research Universities (LERU). Utrecht collaborates with universities, knowledge institution and businesses at the regional, national and global levels. These collaborations result in innovative research and ensure that our knowledge contributes to economic development and the solving of societal problems.

Room for talent

High-quality research requires excellent researchers. This is why at Utrecht University talented researchers are given room to develop new research lines. The University also has a range of projects focused on talent development.